Don’t get suckered in by fancy labels, companies are using double sided labelers to make their products not only appealing on the front but to make a connection with the consumer on the back, by providing fun facts to make you laugh, or to give a personal insight into the business history. Making you feel like you have been given a chance to understand the principals of the manufacturer and promote your shop, please it is all hype. Nothing more than advertising hype designed to make your purchase feel like a personal experience with the company.

Alcohol manufacturers have taken the label and made it a way to stay amused for hours, the name on the front of the bottle and then on the reverse side of the bottle label there will be a bit of info on the origins of the substance you are imbibing and some little snippet of trivia, a bit of useless information that will forever be stuck in your brain. Forever to be repeated at any gathering where the conversational lull has gone on too long, there are people all over the world sitting down and reading out all the different facts that can be found on the inside of their bottles. Blearily staring through the liquid trying to make out the words, while still appearing to be sober, it is an activity that usually occurs in the wee hours in the morning and everyone already knows you are pissed, so don’t even try. Visit this page to know more about retail signage.

The double sided label was originally designed to provide information both on the front and the back in relation to vital details that needed to be conveyed. For instance when it comes to your clothes, the tag has the designer on the front and on the back the details of how to care for your garment and the materials it is made of, like can only be dry cleaned, the colours may run in the first wash do not wash with all your whites. A lot of pink t-shirts have been made from disregarding this instruction and washing the woolen jumper in the wrong temperature means that you can have a nice little jumper for the doll set instead of a warm piece of clothing for yourself.

Double sided labels were a way to save on money and materials but as usual have been converted into the means of providing an extra advertising vehicle. If a company can make you laugh they are more likely to have your return business because the memory you have of the product is of having a good time and warm feelings for the experience. So don’t get suckered in by the bright colours the personal seeming messages and buy products that you have confidence in and that you actually like, not the fancy labels that have nothing to do with the actual purchase itself, other than to provide you with a name for future reference.

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